Is your budget preventing you from owning a house? Consider getting a shed home!

The cost of real estate in Australia is still quite high for most people. This makes it difficult to break into the housing market. Affordable housing is becoming a big concern as not even the standard wood-framed house is cheap. Shed homes offer a cost-effective alternative to building using the traditional methods, and are quickly becoming popular in Tweed Heads and across Australia. More and more Australians are now building their homes with strong steel at a fraction of the price.

What is the Cost of Shed Homes?

While the cost of a shed home will depend on various factors such as size, and build quality, the average cost lies between $1,000 and $30,000. This is cheaper than most tiny homes on the market. Other factors that affect cost include material, electricity, and running water.

Is it Legal to Live in a Shed Home in Tweed Heads?

Permitting for a shed home will depend on the shire’s zoning regulations, and site and design requirements. Therefore, before you build one, you must check with the local Shire planning department to know about the permissibility of the proposed dwelling.

Benefits of a Shed Home

Below are a few reasons why a shed home is a great idea:


While an average house in Australia costs about $100,000, you can build a shed house for only $10,000 or even less. This means saving for just a few years will be enough for most Australians to afford a shed home. It gives you the option of owning your own house without going into debt. Moreover, with a shed house, you won’t have to pay monthly rent or make mortgage payments. In addition, when living in a shed home, the cost factors are up to you.

A great living space addition

Shed houses are a great addition to your living space. Whether you need a getaway space, a guest room, a music room, or just a place to hang out, a shed house can add functional space to your home. Therefore, instead of using a lot of money to add to your house, you can try a simple shed house.

Easy and fast to set up

Shed homes are generally smaller than the normal houses hence easier to build. They do not require a lot of materials and complicated designs. They are also less time-consuming, especially if you start with a cabin or a shed kit.

Less Hassle to Build

Building a regular home requires a broad range of skills and expertised trades people. This can mean a real hassle with organising and finding reliable trades. However, building a shed house requires fewer trades, and some of the work you may even be able to yourself. While you can find DIY advice online, it’s advisable to talk to professionals like JELCON Sheds & Roofing for guidance.

Requires less space

Unlike regular homes that take up over 1000 square feet of space, shed homes only require a few hundred square feet of space. This means less demand for utilities such as water and electricity. If you’re building a house, why not consider a shed home for your next forever home.

Beautiful Custom Shed Homes

If you have decided that a shed home is the right option for you, then contact JELCON Sheds & Roofing to learn how we can help you get out of the renting cycle. We can build you a shed home from ground or, if you want a prebuilt kit, we can provide you with DIY kit sheds.


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